Our Story

Within The Frame was founded by photographers. It is managed by photographers. And all adventures and workshops are designed exclusively for photographers. Within The Frame was born of the desire by professional photographers to share photographic adventures and experiences with fellow photographers—whether amateur or professional, beginner or expert.

Our Philosophy

We believe that everybody has a unique vision and can learn to express that vision through the beauty of photography. A shared photographic adventure provides wonderful new discoveries and life-long memories for everybody.

Our Leaders

All Within The Frame leaders are professional photographers who are recognized as experts in their respective fields of photography. They are motivated to share their experience and to work with fellow photographers.

Our Participants

Within The Frame participants have come from six continents. They have ranged in age from a mature 18 (the minimum age) to a very enthusiastic 84. Over the last ten years, 60% have been female and 43% speak a language other than English as their mother tongue. Some have been beginners who bought their first cameras to participate in a Within The Frame Adventure. Others have been professional photographers. Most are passionate hobbyists with a love of photography. They are a very diverse group that is united by a passion for photography and the desire to share photographic adventures with fellow photographers. Many return for new Within The Frame Adventures. And many have become life-long friends of fellow participants as well as of adventure leaders. Within The Frame alumni are family. (Click here to see some participants and leaders in action during adventures in the candids gallery.)

Our Difference

Our leaders are dedicated to the photography of the participants. Leaders work to help participants along their individual photographic journeys through group tutorials and one-on-one personal assistance. Leaders are always available to work with participants. Leaders are not preoccupied with their own photography—unless it’s to help participants.

We keep our groups small. Our leaders provide personal attention that isn’t possible in large groups.

We care about each participant. And we care about the local people and culture of each place we visit. Cultural respect is paramount.

We believe that your best photographs will come from your personal vision. They won’t come from standing beside a large group of other photographers taking the exact same setup photograph. Our leaders won’t direct you. They will assist you. You’re the director. We work to help you find and express your own vision.

We believe in comfortable, even luxurious, accommodations and that a great meal with good wine is a fitting reward for a long day of photography. We also believe that laughter and camaraderie are important elements to any adventure.

We hug hello at the beginning of a first Within The Frame Adventure as strangers, but we hug goodbye at the end as friends anxious to meet, travel, and photograph together again.

Our Adventures and Workshops

Within The Frame Adventures

Within The Frame Adventures are about the passionate discovery and photography of people, place, and culture. Emphasis is given to going deep not wide and to pursuing the most elusive of photographic necessities—our vision. They are not rushed adventures, running from one place to another to capture a few quick photographs as simple proof that one was there. Within The Frame Adventures go slow, linger, experience, absorb, savor, and take the time necessary to wait for the excitement of the new and exotic to blend with an understanding and appreciation of the surroundings in order to find one’s vision.

Within The Frame Adventures are shared photographic explorations that usually last for one to two weeks, for eight to ten participants, in extraordinarily interesting corners of the world, including (so far!) Antarctica (2012), Bhutan (2017), Burma/Myanmar (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, & 2019), Cambodia (2011 & 2015), Chile (2014), China (2015 & 2016), Colombia (2016), Croatia (2011), Ethiopia (2012, 2014, & 2019), Georgia (2019), India (2014, 2016, 2017, & 2018), Indonesia (2015), Italy (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, & 2019), Japan (2018), Laos (2011 & 2015), Kenya (2012), Mexico (2011 & 2013), Mongolia (2012, 2016 , 2017, & 2018), Morocco (2017 & 2019), Namibia (2017), Nepal (2010, 2012, 2014, & 2018), Netherlands (2015), Senegal (2019), Turkey (2014), the United States (2015 & 2018), and Vietnam (2015 & 2019). Participants come from all over the world and all age groups (must be at least 18). They range from amateurs who just bought their first camera to seasoned professionals. All share a love of photography and adventure and a willingness to share their passion.

Within The Frame Adventures are not workshops with day-long formal group tutorials in classrooms but instead include optional group image discussions designed to learn the language of photography and to improve one’s vision. Personal/individual assistance and photography time with the leader(s) are included. A typical request includes assistance with Lightroom, which often turns into an impromptu group tutorial. Leaders help however possible to assist participants along their individual photographic journeys.

Accommodations, local transportation, and many meals are usually included in the tuition price for Within The Frame Adventures, and sharing meals is an important part of each Within The Frame Adventure. Informal discussions of photography will bounce around the table while enjoying local foods and wines. Lasting friendships will form through laughter and shared experiences.

Within The Frame Tribe Series

The Within The Frame Tribe Series are Within The Frame Adventures that specialize in reaching and photographing remote minority groups that have unique cultures and traditions. Tribe Series Adventures may often begin and end at a luxury hotel, but the indigenous cultures we are visiting are in remote locations. Often we must travel long distances to reach these locations, and the accommodations along our route and at our destinations may be very rustic. These are adventures for those willing to forgo some luxuries and comforts for unique and fascinating experiences with remote and often disappearing cultures. They are for the true adventurer and, in order to encourage a special relationship with the people we visit and photograph, are limited to just four to six participants.

Within The Frame Experiences

Within The Frame Experiences are full-immersion photographic and cultural experiences in a single location. They are designed to help improve one’s photography by better experiencing the culture of a location. You cannot photograph a place well without experiencing that place; so Within The Frame Experiences slow the pace even more to a single location for a week and concentrate on the full photographic and cultural experience.

Within The Frame Experiences tap the curious traveller within each of us in order to assist the eager photographer within each of us. Leaders work with participants on a daily basis to ensure cultural immersion and photographic growth.

Within The Frame Experiences are very similar to Within The Frame Adventures with two important distinctions. The first is the pace is slowed to a single location for one week. And the second is the organized addition of cultural experiences to enhance one’s photography.

Within The Frame Creative Workshops

The Creative Workshops are intensive workshops dedicated to the creative process in spectacular and inspiring locations. Leaders work with participants to create a cohesive body of photographs that express their personal photographic vision of each magnificent location. Participants learn to discover and express their vision through a series of photographs with the help, guidance, critique, assignments, and review of the Leader(s) on a daily basis. Creative Workshops are limited to six participants.

Within The Frame Road Trips

During Within The Frame Road Trips the journey is the destination. Rather than traveling from one point to another to take advantage of photographic opportunities in each place, these Photographic Road Trips are designed for the journey itself to be the photographic destination. They are designed to encourage serendipity and a true spirit of adventure. One isn’t trying to get someplace; one is already there. When you see something that catches your eye, you shout “Hey, look!” and you stop to explore and photograph. It’s like being a kid again—open to all possibilities.

Generally, participants will be two per vehicle. The time spent actually driving each day is contained in order to encourage lingering when one is inspired by a place, a person, anything. There is not a sense of rushing. It’s about having time to explore—photographically.

Within The Frame Private Adventures

A Within The Frame Private Adventure is a custom adventure that is personalized for you, your friends, your family, your group. For more information, click here.